Adapt Plus (ADAPT+)

ADAPT+ stems out of a Waste-to-Energy Program by an NGO, Nature Palace Foundation.

ADAPT + is a green social enterprise company incorporated in Uganda in the year 2013 with a vision is to be ‘A company that enables people from all walks of life adapt well to challenges brought about by climate change and environmental degradation’. 

ADAPT+ mission is to provide appropriate technological and innovative solutions in the areas of energy and food security among small-holder households in Uganda.

 With Humble Beginnings with manual machines; Joined Incubator (REBI), registered fast growth; outgrew project status – there was need for autonomy as a Private Company.  We widened our horizon to develop a partnership with UNHCR which was also well fitting into our mission.

 Our operational principles emphasize the social and environmental aspects, which stem from the genesis of the company.  Our main target group therefore remains people in most vulnerable situations

2.1. Recycling biomass waste into Fuel Briquettes and Improved Energy Saving Stoves

  • We provide Low-cost Fuel Briquettes;
  • We provide Low-cost Improved Energy-saving stoves – both domestic and institutional;
  • We develop Grassroots Energy supply chains – including entrepreneurship skills support;
  • We train in Energy and Energy-Efficiency Technologies;
  • We do continuous Research and Technology Development;
  • We develop Energy-Agribusiness and other Livelihoods linkages.

2.2 Community Food and Energy Balance

Using market-forces and ICT the Community Food and Energy Balance promotes food security by providing real-time weather information; in-puts below market price; buying above market price at harvest, and selling back below market price during scarcity. 

To create food and energy balance in the community by preventing food being taken away from the community – only to bring it back at very expensive prices beyond the reach of the average community members.  On the other hand, the cooking energy balance is created as increased food production leads to increased excess agricultural residues (Mainly maize cobs) which is recycled into cooking energy.  The project will also provide real-time weather information using farmer centric technology.

The project is contributing to Sustainable Goal 1 by enabling households to save on food and energy as well as employment opportunities; It contributes to Goal 2 through promoting Food security as well as to Goals 5; 7; 8; 10 and 13.

 The business idea has five main components that employ market-based approaches:

  1. Providing agricultural in-puts (quality seed, fertilizer and implements) at affordable prices lower than market price by buying in bulk and supplying directly to farmers on credit through SACCOs.
  2. Buying and collecting food items (maize and beans) during harvest time when prices plunge – at prices above prevailing market prices;
  • Collecting excessive agricultural residues (maize cobs) for recycling into cooking energy (briquettes);
  1. Drying, sorting and storing the food items within a community store;
  2. Selling back food items to community during times of scarcity, when prices upsurge– at prices lower than the prevailing market price.

 Community Carbon Markets

ADAPT+ is partnering with Uganda Carbon Bureau to trade carbon credits under the Gold Standard arrangement.  The carbon finance will benefits end-users of fuel briquettes and stoves and the project to aid sustainability.


  • 300 tones tons distributed within Refugee Settlements since 2015
  • 25 Direct Jobs and at least 100 indirect jobs along the supply Chain, especially for the youth and women;
  • Over 1,500 trees save (GVEP,2012);
  • Girls in 6,000 Household have more opportunity to stay in school
  • 4,600 portable stoves; 8,000 household stoves


Global Alliance for Clean Cook-stoves (GAC)