Community Food and Energy Balance

Using market-forces and ICT the Community Food and Energy Balance promotes food security by providing real-time weather information; in-puts below market price; buying above market price at harvest, and selling back below market price during scarcity. 

 To create food and energy balance in the community by preventing food being taken away from the community – only to bring it back at very expensive prices beyond the reach of the average community members.  On the other hand, the cooking energy balance is created as increased food production leads to increased excess agricultural residues (Mainly maize cobs) which is recycled into cooking energy.  The project will also provide real-time weather information using farmer centric technology.

 The project is contributing to Sustainable Goal 1 by enabling households to save on food and energy as well as employment opportunities; It contributes to Goal 2 through promoting Food security as well as to Goals 5; 7; 8; 10 and 13.

 The business idea has five main components that employ market-based approaches:

  1. Providing agricultural in-puts (quality seed, fertilizer and implements) at affordable prices lower than market price by buying in bulk and supplying directly to farmers on credit through SACCOs.
  2. Buying and collecting food items (maize and beans) during harvest time when prices plunge – at prices above prevailing market prices;
  • Collecting excessive agricultural residues (maize cobs) for recycling into cooking energy (briquettes);
  1. Drying, sorting and storing the food items within a community store;
  2. Selling back food items to community during times of scarcity, when prices upsurge– at prices lower than the prevailing market price.