Impact Areas

  • Community-based Mitigation & Adaptation:

    Our programs and projects are aimed at ensuring that people’s resilience to climate change is enhanced and actions that mitigate further climate change are promoted. Read more about our programs and projects: ADAPT+; Nature Palace Botanic Garden; Community Food and Energy Balance; Seedlings for Impact.
  • Indigenous Knowledge for Conservation & Development:

    In the wake of Climate change valuable indigenous knowledge provides some answers to community resilience and adaptation capacity. However, most of this knowledge is being lost at a fasr rate.  NPF is providing avenues for its conservation and promotion: Medicinal Plants (Home-herbal gardens and Nature Palace Botanic Garden); Bark-cloth making;
  • Nature-smart Production:

    NPF promotes production that is in tandem with the needs of Nature, especially in the wake of climate change. ADAPT+; Seedlings for Impact;
  • Eco-systems and Farm-lands Restoration:

    Degradation of eco-systems and farm-lands is a threat to livelihoods of many rain-fed farming systems that comprise majority of Ugandans in rural areas: Farm-lands rehabilitation and Community Carbon Stocks; Nature Smart Expeditions; Forest Restoration.